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Turmeric Superfood Blend with Cacao

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This modern mix is based on a mouth-watering traditional Ayurvedic recipe that’s been used for centuries to promote wellbeing.


Soothing and comforting, with a gentle warming spice and a hint of hot coco, we think Goldyn Mylk tastes like the holidays in a cup. Your tongue will think it’s an indulgence, while the rest of your body revels in the healing, healthful energy. We use only a touch of organic coconut sugar (less than 1 gram), so add a touch of honey, agave or stevia if you prefer it sweeter.


Heat 1 cup of your milk of choice and simply add a teaspoon of Golden Mylk. Mix with a frother or whiz in the blender for a few seconds to achieve a luxuriously smooth texture. Enjoy once or twice daily for optimal results.

Note: we use all natural ingredients and no preservatives, so you may notice a bit of residue at the bottom of your cup.


Goldyn Mylk is vegan and gluten-free, crafted in small batches in our QAI Organic-certified California facility with no GMOs, soy or dairy This essential blend contains pure ingredients in ideal proportions: organic turmeric, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic black pepper, organic cardamom, organic cayenne and organic nutmeg. Each curative ingredient honors centuries-old Ayurvedic roots while maximizing the efficacy of this blend for your busy lifestyle, from the heart-healthy benefits of cinnamon to the boost in bio-availability provided by black pepper.