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Turmeric Superfood Blend with Dandelion


This innovative mix updates the ancient Ayurvedic golden milk recipe with the addition of organic dandelion root, a potent liver cleanser, plus detoxifying clove and cayenne to kick your wellness into high gear. Meanwhile, our essential superfood blend of 5 healing ingredients — turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon — works to fight inflammation, aid in natural and healthy weight loss, support joint and muscle health, boost immunity, and promote cognitive function, mood balance and radiant skin. Integrated twice daily into your routine, Detox is a powerful tool to undo the damage of inflammatory foods and overconsumption of alcohol and reboot your liver — all with a gentle formula that’s easy to use on the go and won’t upset your stomach.

Detox is our most potent blend, with an invigorating kick from cloves, cayenne, black pepper and ginger. We use only a touch of organic coconut sugar (less than 1 gram), so add a touch of honey, agave or stevia if you prefer it sweeter.

Detox is incredibly versatile — so think outside the mug! We love adding a teaspoon to our morning cup of hot lemon water for an easy detox tonic, as well as to our nightly tea (a savior when you’ve just had a big, heavy meal!). This savory blend also makes it a perfect way to enhance everything from fish and poultry marinades to scrambled eggs — just sprinkle a teaspoon of Detox and enjoy.

Note: we use all natural ingredients and no preservatives, so you may notice a bit of residue at the bottom of your cup.

Detox is vegan and gluten-free, crafted in small batches in our QAI-certified California facility with no GMOs, soy or dairy. This active blend contains ideal proportions of organic turmeric, organic coconut sugar, organic dandelion root, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic black pepper, organic cardamom, organic cayenne and organic cloves. Each curative ingredient honors centuries-old Ayurvedic roots while maximizing efficacy and bio-absorption for optimal results.

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